Caring for your nail plates' health is easy with STALEKS merchandise - to take care of cuticles or model eyebrows or even attend to ingrown nails! Moreover, neat and accurate nail plates can boost confidence, lift mood and relieve stress in an uncomplicated and quick method with STALEKS! Make art and relax with STALEKS!

Introduction to STALEKS brand

STALEKS brand was founded in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv in 1996 as a small workshop for sharpening and polishing manicure tools, where only 20 people worked. So, STALEKS is a Ukrainian company that still operates from Ukraine for locals and for abroad. The company is engaged in the full cycle of production of beauty tools. On top of that, the brand takes a responsible approach to production, so it has two stages of quality control!

Pros of picking out STALEKS products

The main ingredient of making nail polishing art is to prepare the base for it. Without adequate procedures for making nail plates ready for nail polish coating or any other process, the appearance of a nail can be unaesthetic and there is a possibility of obstacles to even polish application. On our site, you can find such STALKERS tools as manicure nippers, nail scissors and scoops for manicures - details below. Moreover, we guarantee 100% originality of the products!

Sections of STALEKS products on KODI.GLOBAL

Such STALEKS sections are available on the website as:

  • Manicure nippers: different sizes and kinds for leather and an ingrown nail

  • Nail scissors: for cuticles (in different sizes and kinds) and for modeling eyebrows

  • Scoops for manicure: manicure spatula (in different sizes) and cuticle pusher

Advantages of working with STALEKS products

For starters, STALEKS pays meticulous attention to staff training to create easy-to-use and safe product manicure tools (for professional studios and home masters/nail artists). All products are stated to be sharpened by hand, so the brand can attend to every detail and make the best results.

So, the short list of benefits of STALEKS goods:

  • Easy-to-use: available in different sizes and kinds to provide comfort while working with it

  • Guaranteed usage safety

  • For different purposes: manicure nippers - for leather & ingrown nails; nail scissors - for cuticle & modeling eyebrows

  • Long-term sharpness of tools: due to sharpening by hand

  • Free-corrosion steel

  • Health purposes: it is said that removing cuticles (dead skin) and applying moisturizer help keep nails flexible - they will bend slightly rather than breaking

In addition, STALEKS claims to strive for innovative solutions and support customer feedback, taking into account clients' wishes, requests and recommendations. So another advantage is business` customer orientation!

Significance of using original STALEKS

Foremost, let`s break down why it is significant to use original products:

  • It helps to reduce the load on the hand and lie comfortably in the palm. A fake tool that will be difficult to work with, and also it can contribute to muscle tension. Furthermore, it may have an impact on health in the future: pain in the back and hands, decreased vision, migraines and general chronic fatigue.

  • As was stated above, the main benefit of sharpening by a master`s hand is prolonged sharpness, even with constant use.

  • Besides, STALEKS tools are practical and aesthetic at the same time, despite regular sterilization and disinfection, while the fake one will soon lose its presentable appearance and practical properties.

Perks from ordering STALEKS merchandise on KODI.GLOBAL

  • high-quality goods

  • the best prices on the manicure market

  • preparing special gifts for each order

  • shipping at no charge

  • discounts for wholesale buyers

  • day and night customer support at hand

Making different and revolutionary creations of nail art acquire high-quality instruments. Especially, wielding a comfortable for usage and without machinery mistakes utensils is a big deal. Try it out now by purchasing on KODI.GLOBAL or get in touch with our client support to address any issues!