Lifting the mood or fitting the style, coping with stress or preparing for a special occasion is easy with PNB products! High-quality goods with 100% safety and originality can help to shine like a diamond among friends, colleagues and family. Create art with PNB!

Pros of choosing PNB

Sections and PNB products on KODI.GLOBAL

  • Top coats
  • Gel Builders
  • Liquids

Advantages of PNB polish usage

  • Momentarily hardening: no scratches or smearing. The coat is always perfect!
  • Duration of the nail polish coverage: at least 20 days (furthermore, it also depends on the nail growth speed; possible unaesthetic appearance can accrue with longer nails without a new coverage).
  • Possible strengthening nails.
  • Bright color during the whole period of its wearing.
  • Economic consumption: a bottle that contains only 8 ml can be used for 15-20 procedures.
  • Provides comfortability in work: the new formula of color coatings, gel polishes of a dense consistency and viscosity, self-distributing, does not flow into the angels between skin and nail plate.
  • PNB gel polishes and builders are perfect for nail plates of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses!

Tips for nail polishing beginners

  1. You need to remove the cuticle and do the necessary procedures to prepare for a nail coating.
  1. Apply a transparent or colorful base coat (let it dry in a lamp and then whenever applying any other layer - make sure to dry it well).
  1. After that, you need to apply the selected color in several layers; a design, if you want one, and the top coat.
  1. Thenceforth, remove the sticky layer with the help of a special damp cloth.
  1. Prepare a nail file, cotton pads, foil, an orange stick and acetone-based nail polish remover: they are the tools to help the process of removal.
  1. File the top layer with a nail file without excessive force in order not to damage the nail plate.
  1. After that, the cotton pads need to be cut into small pieces enough to cover the nail plates on each finger.
  1. Wrap the cut cotton pads dipped in the nail polish remover around each nail, with foil on top of that.
  1. Remove the remaining polish with the help of an orange stick after waiting 5-15 minutes, have been wrapped the nail plates in the cotton pads and foil.
  1. If it is necessary, repeat the procedure with caution.

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Get prepared for nail polishing with a catalog divided into categories of gel polishes, base coats, top coats, bases, gel builders and liquids. Moreover, the PNB brand guarantees safety usage due to 7Free certificates (that state that products don`t contain dangerous ingredients such as formaldehyde resins, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), camphor, toluene, xylene, methacrylic acid, HDDA). On our site, everything is 100% original!

On the website are available such PNB products as:

In addition, PNB Gel Builders that are available on our site help to create longer, thicker than the nail plates and thinner than acrylic artificial plates on your actual nail. Accordingly, a safer environment occurs for the nail plate.

Nail polish application system:

Nail polish removal system:

Notice: the process of the polish coverage removal is recommended to do with a master in the specialized studio/salon. The system how to remove nail polish yourself:

Making nail art with high-quality tools and 100% original products is possible, by choosing PNB on KODI.GLOBAl! Additional assistance can be provided by the manager that is available round the clock! Purchase now!