Base Gel Komilfo

Rubber base coat from Comme il faut

Rubber base for nails is the base coat before applying color gel polish. It is absolutely transparent, almost invisible on the nail plate, but at the same time strong and able to reliably protect nails from cracks and chips.

The main component of the rubber mixture is latex, which is extracted from the rubber tree. Latex contains many useful substances, such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which help to strengthen and improve the condition of the nail plate. That is why the rubber base coat"Comme il faut" is considered the number one remedy for the restoration and restoration of thin and excessively brittle nails.

Advantages of the rubber base from the Komilfo brand

This base gained its popularity among nail art masters for a reason. The modern rubber coating from Komilfo has such undeniable advantages:

  • The optimal consistency of the gel, thanks to which it is quickly and without problems applied to the nail plate, does not spread, evenly distributed over the entire surface.

  • Rapid Hardening under the influence of a lamp: without irregularities and stains.

  • No unpleasant odor during operation.

  • Durability of gel polish coating: at least 20 days (this factor also depends on the rate of nail growth).

  • The ability to strengthen the thin nail plate.

  • Very economical consumption: one bottle containing only 8 ml is enough for 15-20 procedures.

  • Ideal for nail plates of various shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

  • Easily removed without damaging the nail.

  • Available there are positions of different volumes: from 8 ml to 30 ml.

In addition, the Comilfo gel base, available for order on our website, will help you create a decorative manicure of any complexity: increase the length of your nails, change their shape, etc. At the same time, absolute safety for your nails is guaranteed.

The range includes convenient containers with brushes for faster and more comfortable application of the base. And to save money, you can purchase a 300 ml container and then use it for its intended purpose by taking a separate brush or pouring it into an empty bottle from the Comme il faut base.

How to use this database

The step-by-step application of a rubber coating for nails from the Komilfo brand looks like this:

  • you need to get rid of traces of cleaning and fine dust with a special degreaser;

  • treat the nail plate with a primer, which is necessary for better penetration of the base into the nail structure and perfect fixation;

  • then you need to apply the Comme il faut rubber base, evenly distributing it over the nail plate;

  • dry it in a special manicure lamp. The curing time of the rubber base depends on the type of lamp;

  • apply a colored layer of gel polish.

By following these tips, you will get a beautiful and durable manicure.

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We have all options for the rubber base: containers with and without brushes, from 8 ml to 30 ml.

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