To look better, complement the style or fit the occasion, while taking care of yourself is all about nail polishing. Make life colourful and relaxing using KOMILFO products!


Pros of choosing KOMILFO

You can find all products needed to prepare for polishing nails at home or assemble goods for a nail polishing studio, by surfing the catalogue categories divided into polishes, bases and finishes, gels, auxiliary liquids, collections, effects and tools sections. Only 100% originals! 


Sections and products on the website

On the platform are available KOMILFO products such as:

  • Gel polish: 8 ml. & 15 ml.
  • Top coat
  • Base coats: Rubber base coat, Base coat (without brushes), X-Base coat.
  • Bases: Portal base, Color base, Cover base, Luminous base, Termo base.
  • Liquid gel: Liquid glam gel
  • Polygel
  • Liquids
  • Pigment effects: Unicorn rainbow
  • Collections: French, Luminous, Dragon Fruit, Fairytale Cat Eye, Holographic, Moon Crush, Rior, Macarons and Kaleidoscopic collections
  • Manicure tools
  • Brushes
  • Polish hardest momentarily. There is no need to worry about damaging the coat with scratches or smearing. It always looks perfect!
  • Another advantage of the KOMILFO products is their duration. The nail polish coverage will stay still for at least 3-4 weeks. However, the usage time depends on the speed of nail growth due to the possibility of an unaesthetic appearance.
  • Moreover, a regular manicure can help to strengthen nails (only if the process of covering the nail and polish removal is done well and accurately without damaging the nail plates).
  • With time it doesn`t lose colour, glitters and shine, even with the constant wearing of the socks.
  • Besides, KOMILFO polish is perfect for different nail shapes! 
  • apply a base coat (it can be transparent or colourful) and dry it in a lamp
  • apply the selected colour in several layers (each layer must be well-dried)
  • apply the design if you want one and dry it
  • apply the top coat and, of course, dry it in a lamp
  • then remove the sticky layer with a special damp cloth
  • prepare a nail file, cotton pads, foil, an orange stick and acetone-based nail polish remover
  • file the top layer of the coating with a nail file without injuring the nail
  • cut the cotton pads into small pieces that can completely cover the nail plate
  • dip the cut cotton pads into nail polish remover and wrap it around each nail and on top of that cover it with foil
  • hold it for 5-15 minutes and remove the remaining polish with the orange stick or try the procedure again if you suspect any mistakes in the process)
  • guarantee for high-quality
  • the best prices
  • gifts with each order
  • free shipping
  • individual discounts for wholesale customers
  • available customer support 24/7/365


Advantages of using polish from KOMILFO


KOMILFO's high-quality products help to make any artistic idea with different effects and sparkles. Perfecting the design is especially easy with original tools and brushes in different sizes and sets. A variety of collections and colours are perfect to create or to fit the style of clients or yourself.


So, if your purpose is to accentuate individuality, fit the image, boost confidence, appeal to others, etc., classical or neon & bright colours and collections of KOMILFO are ideal to experiment with. It all depends on your imagination!


Tips for beginners

First of all, don’t forget to remove the cuticle and prepare the nail for coating. After that:


To remove the polish coverage is recommended to do in a studio with a master, however, if you are in need to remove it quickly, follow the system:


Why you should order on KODI.GLOBAL

When using the KODI.GLOBAL platform for ordering, you get


If you love and want to create a high-quality manicure using the best modern materials, choose KOMILFO! Order now or contact the manager if any help is needed - available 24/7!